Military Veteran

Child Abuse Investigator

Small Business Owner


A Better Nebraska

Cut Healthcare Costs

  • Promote telehealth options

  • Provide solutions for businesses and independent contractors

Invest in Your Child's Education

  • Provide stable, reliable funding

  • Support our teachers and students

Fairness in Taxes

  • No new taxes on essentials like gas and groceries

  • Transparency with government spending

  • Keep more of your hard earned money


Mike Hilgers

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Lt. Governor
Mike Foley

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Suzanne Geist

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Notable Endorsements

Lincoln Independent Business Association
Nebraska Farm Bureau PAC
Nebraska Fraternal Order of Police


Focus on Family


Jacob will support law enforcement and first responders to ensure our neighborhoods stay safe and will work to expand access to low cost health care to keep our families healthy. 

Prioritize Education


Our schools should be fully funded, giving every student the opportunity for a quality education. 

Small Business Success


Our economic policies must create

well-paying jobs, and protect businesses from overregulation and government overreach.  

Let's Keep Nebraska Growing!

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